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I have pursued many creative endeavors over the years, including much time as a musician. I became actively involved in silver work in 1996. As a long-time collector of Indian jewelry, I had experimented with modifying certain pieces to suit my own tastes.   This led to the realization that I had lots of ideas for pieces that were unlike what I could find in the marketplace.  The solution was to make them myself!  I bought some books and equipment, and was soon off and hammering, never to look back. It proved to me once again that people have abilities they don't know they have, and that it's never too late to find your true calling.  Although, I can't help but wish I had discovered it sooner!


I've long been drawn to bracelets in particular because, unlike many other forms of adornment, the wearer can see and enjoy them as much or more than everyone else.  If I have a guiding philosophy, it's that I prefer concepts that are asymmetrical in some interesting way, the designs changing from side-to-side and end-to-end.   The effect can range from subtle to dramatic. While this approach may require more design and production energy, I believe it results in pieces that are more interesting and more valuable over time. I think of this aspect of my work as "the art of asymmetry".  However, over the years I've learned there is great beauty in symmetry that I have enjoyed exploring as well.


My intention was never to create "Indian" jewelry, although I do use many of the same techniques, and much of my work has a sort of "spacy southwest" quality. Most of my pieces show a lot of stamp work, patterns and textures that set my work apart. I have hundreds of stamps to choose from, the majority of which I made myself. I use the multi-level overlay technique frequently, and have more recently discovered the joys of riveting. And I really love heavy silver!  I use lots of selective surface oxidation to highlight the details, and I generally prefer a softer, matte-style finish. These aspects all contribute to the complex, abstract, and sculptural qualities you will see in many of my designs. Occasionally I'll add elements of 18K gold or copper; but, for the most part, my pieces are pure sterling silver, so they are highly wearable and enjoyable.